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    Horrible customer service! I know I didnt have appointment with personal banker but I waited about 20mins to finish the rest of my car refinance form with the banker (she was the only one there except tellers). She also said she would be with us for few minutes. Then she was done with other customers, she walked out and took other guy who came behind us, just because he said he had only few questions quickly. I explained I will have class at 2pm, she asked if we wanna make appointment another day. Are u serious? We been waiting for long time and now u took other first and tried to excuse?
    By Bum Ho, March 24, 2018
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    By far the worst gas station I have ever been to. Employees are not only rude, but completely incompetent. Left without purchasing due to their service. Do not stop at this station. You will regret it.
    By Nicki Cottrell, March 22, 2018
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    Joe,disgusts me. And for the record, I do not hate him. I am embarrassed by him and by his nauseate cruel and thoughtless behavior and his all consuming greed, but I do not hate him. I forgive him and I hope he can change someday, but I don't hate him. He has enough hate in him for the rest of us as it is. Having said that, The Federal Government, The Department of The Interior, and The U.S. Military do not take kindly when his colleagues ( Former Lee County Sheriff Rod Shoap and so on.) decide to set off a bomb and arson a private resident's home back to back of their Boundary Line. Especially when it is 90 miles from where we make Plutonium in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. When he and his buddies (that help murdered my friend Teresa Mc Mullen), His little buddies stole her body, and her family would realy like to have her body back. I think the least Joe could do is tell me, her family where we can find her body. Anyone may leave an anonymous tip at The Sevier County Sheriff Department or The F.B.I. Knoxville Division. Joe will not be able to use his official title to bribe his way out of this.( State Attorney turned Ambulance Chaser. ) now committing insurance fraud.How proud Ft. Myers must be to have Joe for so many years. We all love Joe, except when he takes out hits on innocent people. So, Let's talk about when X-Sheriff Rod Shoap who locked the doors on then newly elected Sheriff Mike Scott ( The only decent one in law enforcement.), while Shoap was destroying documents and evidence in the Sheriff's Department. There are plenty of Deputies that know what Shoap was hiding. Shoap is a disgrace to church and to this community. Still pandering around trying to get anything he can. Just another shady crook. Shoap locked Scott out of at the Sheriff Office when Scott was elected. Would not let Scott in his own Department. Shoap needs to stay in Tennessee and wait. No one ever needs guys like this in law-enforcement.
    By Vincent Johnson, March 18, 2018
  • This college is the best i love it here the staff and faculities and teachers here are very friendly and they want to see u succeed in life and very helpful when u is having trouble with your work. I go here and still do. I love it here at STC.
    By Kimberly Johnson, March 15, 2018

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